Free Fire Richest Noob Everything You Need To Know

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Richest Noob Free Fire Player in India
Lokesh Gamer is Popularly Known as Richest Noob Because of Inventory and Lack game skill.Richest Noob is an oxymoron which simply means a phrase that combines two words that seem to be the opposite of each other

Free Fire is an Ultimate online Shooting game available For Mobile Devices(Low-End). Esports Industry is booming in India and one of the main contributors to this industry. Free Fire is developed and Designed by Garena one of the best-known Game developers after Tencent. Free Fire Gained more popularity after the Ban of Pubg in India.

Free Fire Richest Noob in the world

A Player from India is known as the Free Fire Richest Noob because of his Skill of Playing the Game. He has the best Inventory with all the gun skins, Elite pass legendary outfits, bags, character, Pets, and many other Legendary in-game Items but He sucks at Free Fire. Now you must be wondering who is that player who is known As Richest Noob In INDIA LOKESH GAMER and Streamer on YOUTUBE with around 10 Million Subscribers.

Why Lokesh Gamer IS known As Richest Noob in Free Fire?

Free Fire is 10 minutes game where 50 players are dropped on a Remote Island and players compete against each other. The player who survives till the Last zone and able to Kill the Last Enemy is considered as Winner.

Wining in Free fire requires great tactical Knowledge,strong squad(Teammates) with Great communication and Game Skill.The Players has Search Weapons,Stay in play zone and Loot enemies,survive till the last.The Player who can Repetitively do it is considered as PRO (Professional ) Player.

free fire richest noob in india
free fire richest noob in india

Lokesh Gamer is known for his lack of Game Sense and Game Knowledge. Game Skill which is required in order to be a PRO player. As many of audience has witnessed his gameplay and seen his gameplay is worst than a Silver Guild player, He has really no experience/knowledge of the game, He without knowing the location of Enemy rushes into the House, and Gets killed, He repetitively does same mistakes without any improve his skill set and game sense.But He is not ashamed of being Called NOOB because knows he is not good at it.He uploads Video with caption
Richest Noob in Free fire

Lokesh Gamer Free Fire Game Statistics

Game Statistics of Free Fire Richest Noob player

Squad Mode

Team NameTeam HIND
Role in TeamLEADER
Squad Matches3379 in which Won 718 matches
Win Ratio37%
Total Kills 6269
Kill to Death Ratio(K/D)2.36%

Duo Mode

Duo Matches1529 in which Won 152 matches
Win Ratio28%
Total Kills 2583
Kill to Death Ratio(K/D)1.88%

Solo Mode

Solo Matches1287 in which Won 137 matches
Win Ratio37%
Total Kills 2660
Kill to Death Ratio(K/D)2.32
Youtube channel link

But A man with Good heart is a Gift of God he is really calm and handles trolls with his charming behaviors. He is known as Richest not only because of his Game inventory because of the Giveaways he does on his channel, He top-up his audience with Free Fire Currency Diamond and Character.

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