High Security Number Plate Online Apply Online And Full Details

The government has made mandatory for all vehicles both 2 wheeler and 4 wheeler owners to change their vehicle number plate to high-security number plate. This is done according to the central motor vehicle rules 1989 rule 50. This rule will be followed by all the states and union territories. The high-security number plate mandatory so that lost all lost or stolen vehicles can easily be traced.

Key Features of High-security Number Plate

  1. The Solid Unit Of Number Plate is made Of Aluminium AIX 159:2019 or ISO:7591
  2. It will have an IND laminated on the plate.
  3. There Will Be A ‘Chakra’ Design Hologram in the centre.
  4. The Plate will have a permanent identification number of min Ten Digits

The booking of high-security number plate can be done easily by entering vehicle details on the official websites of the book my high-security number plate. To apply and find full details read the articles carefully and follow all instructions step by step to apply for the high-security number plate.


UP High-Security Number Plate  Apply Online

In this article, we will explain all the details and instruction required to apply for high-security number plate registration for car and bikes and all the online application procedure to be followed on the official website.

The procedure to book an appointment for cars and bikes on the official website hsrp.com is as follows.

  •  Visit the official website of UpBookmyhsrp.
  • On the homepage of the website click on HSRP number plate + colour plate or  only colour sticker


UP HSRP Apply Online
  • Click on HSRP Number Plate + Colour Plate
  • Select the vehicle type private vehicle or commercial vehicle
  • Click private vehicle book on the vehicle


UP HSRP Apply Online


  • White number plate non-transport and transport yellow plate
  • Now select the fuel type of your vehicle CNG + petrol Petrol diesel electrical vehicle


  • Then you will be directed to the type of vehicle like scooter bike auto-rickshaw truck Dumper tractor etc


  • Now Select Your Vehicle  Make

  • Select the brand of your vehicle from the options


  • Then you will get redirected to a new page


  • Choose your state


  • Then a new page will appear to select your dealer from a list of dealers

  • Select your dealer name
  • Then you will redirect to the vehicle information page where regarding vehicles your mobile number

  • Fill all details like a g station number registration date email ID chassis number engine number mobile number vehicle type etc carefully
  • Click on the Next button after filling details
  • In the final step you have to make your payment online
  • After the payment is confirmed you will get a confirmation on your and registered mobile number

High-Security Number Plate Application Fees And Charges

The Registration And Application fees are given in the following table:

Vehicle Type Registration Fee/Charges
 Four-wheeler Rs 600 and Rs 1100
Two-Wheeler Rs 300 and Rs 400

Those who have already  got HSRP Plate and want only colour sticker can select the second option (Only color sticker).The cost Color Sticker is only Rs100/-


Last Date for High-Security Number Plate As per Last Digit of vehicle Number

Vehicle Last Digit Number Last date for HSNP
0 or 1 15 July 2021
2 or 3 15 October 2021
4 or 5 15 January 2022
6 or 7 15 April 2022
8 or 9 5 July 2022

By 15 July 2022, all vehicles should have HSRP mandatorily otherwise challan of Rs-5000 will be levied on vehicle

Track  Appointment Process/Status of HSRP Online Registration

The Current Status and registration Status can Easily Be tracked by filling All details Like Registration Number, Chasis no And pressing Search Button to Get Current Status Of application Process:


HSRP Status tracker
  • Click Search Button

Home Delivery of High-Security Number Plates Check Your Pincode

The Home delivery is available in the below pin codes only for now check below

State/U.T. List Of Pincodes
Uttar Pradesh Click Here
Delhi Click Here


 High-Security Number Plate Delhi, Punjab and the Other States


Toll-Free Number: 1800 1200 201

Email id: online@bookmyhsrp.com

Some FAQ’s of High Security Number plates

1-Is it mandatory for all vehicles ?

Ans- Yes, its mandatory

2-Can one Apply to Get it offline also?

Ans-No only Online Mode

3-Can one get it Home delivered

Ans-Yes Check all Available pincodes here

4-What is color sticker?

Ans-Color sticker is fuel sticker which indicates fuel type of vehicle’s like

CNG -Light Blue Sticker

DIESEL-Orange Sticker

PETROL-Light Blue Sticker

5-Where color sticker is pasted?

Ans-It is affixed on vehicles wind screen.

6-Who will fit the  HSRP Plate on vehicle?

Ans-It will be fitted At dealer/centre or By the person who will deliver No. Plate at your home

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