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Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Argumentation(Kalia Scheme) started by the government of Odisha. Odisha Government aims to provide financial support to Farmers which will provide boost the shared prosperity of the state.

Financing agriculture and ensuring the cultivators is important to eradicate impoverishment and to spice up the shared prosperity of the state. Through the implementation of the KALIA scheme, the government aims to lend farmers with associate all comprehensive and versatile web, making certain accelerated agricultural prosperity.

At the guts of a progressive theme like KALIA lies the motivation to empower the farmers of the state with financial choices that may modify the expansion and development of agriculture in Odisha. improvement of the accessibility to acceptable money services can any guarantee agricultural productivity and increase financial gain among farmers, notably the tiny and marginal landholders.

Kalia has been tailored to alleviate the debt-ridden farmers from the debt lure, keeping a practical vision to directly attack impoverishment by providing monetary help to the vulnerable agriculture households, landless laborers likewise as marginal cultivators of the state. projected by the govt of Odisha, KALIA theme brings below its umbrella ninety-two of cultivators of the state and the majority indigent landless cultivators, WHO will avail the advantages of this theme through Direct profit Transfer Mode.

Benefits of Kalia(Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income Argumentation)

Kalia Scheme launched by the government of Odisha provides financial support to the farmers. The major benefits of Krushak Assistance for Livelihood and Income argumentation are:-

  • Under the Kalia Scheme,25000Rs will be provided under this scheme over the five seasons to the small and marginal farmers.
  • The farmers can use Kalia assistance money to buy seeds, fertilizer and fulfill their other agricultural requirements.
  • Kalia Scheme Was implemented from the Rabi season of 2018-19.
  • The state government Inorder to promote the SC/ST population of the state will provide Financial support to landless farmers i.e agricultural allied activities like Mini layer, goat rearing unit, mushroom cultivation, beekeepers, fishery kits for fisherman. The government will provide the amount of Rs12500.
  • Under the Kalia Scheme, the government will provide financial support to vulnerable  Agricultural cultivator/landless laborers.Laborers(agricultural) who are old age, disabled, or any kind of disease or vulnerable due to any other reason will be benefitted from the scheme. The government will provide a sum of Rs10000 per family per annum
  • Life Insurance of 2 Lakhs rs at really nomila rate of premium i.e 330/- to all the saving bank owners having the age 18-50years of age.The government will pay annual premium of farmer Rs165/-.Accident cover at premium of 12Rs in 6rs will be paid by the government .Accident cover of amount 2lakhs for all the saving bank holders of age 18-50years.
  • 330 for life insurance Rs 2lakhs
  • 12 per annum for personal accident cover of 2lakhs

For the farmers of age 51 to 70years entire premium will be beared by the state government

  • Interest Free Crop Loan under Kalia Yojana under this scheme landless laborers,cultivators,share cropper .Vulnerable farmers will be identified the Gram Panchayats.The farmers will be provided 50000Rs at 0% rate of interest.which will actively help poor and less prevailged farmers.

Eligibilty for Kalia Scheme

1.Small And marginal Farmers

  • Small farmers: who have 1 hectare to 2 hectares
  • Marginal farmer hwo have less than 1 hectare


3.Land Less Agricultral Household

4.Crop Shareres

5.Agricultural Laborers

5.Household Agriculture (Goatrearing)

6.Should Be Citizen Of Odisha

7.Should Be Above 18 Years Of Age

8.Should Not Holder Of Consituational Post.

Required Documents for kalia scheme


  • Aadhar Card
  • Proof Of Address
  • Bank Details
  • Photograph
  • Mobile Number

Registration Process of Kalia Scheme

[As per orders of Department of Agriculture and Farmers’ Empowerment, ODISHA, Grievance/Inclusion for KALIA scheme will remain closed until further orders] will be updated ASA portal opens again for new registration)

Step1:Go To the offical website of Kalia Scheme kalia.co.in

Step2:On the Homepage,click on Online Grievence Form Application Form

Step3:Now a new window will be opened on the Screen

Step4:Now on the top of the page Click on Track application status

Step5:Now enter aadhar card number or Token number

Step7:Now the status will be shown the screen

How to Track application Status of Kalia Scheme?

How to Track application Status of Kalia Scheme?

Step1Go to the official website of Kalia Scheme Kalia.co.in

Step2:On the Homepage,click on Online Grievence Form Application Form

Step3:After clicking Apply button,click on open the application form

Step4:Now Application form will be opened

Step5:Now enter aadhar card number

Check Beneficiary list of Kalia scheme

Step1:Go To the offical website of Kalia Scheme kalia.co.in

Step2:On the Homepage,click on menu bar.

Step3:After clicking on menu bar,click on Beneficiary list

Step4:Now a new page will be opened

Step5:On the page,select your district

Step6:Now select your block/ulb

Step7:Select GB

Step8:Click on VIEW button.

Step9:Now the beneficaiary list will displayed on the screen.

What is Kalia Barta?

Kalia Barta is information providing to the farmers about the kalia scheme with just a miss call.The farmers who are seeking for information about  Kalia Scheme or having some kind of doubt regarding the scheme can give miss call on the Kalia Barta number.The farmers who will give a miss call will be registered with Governement,and all the information will sent to the farmers directly on the mobile Phone.Telephone Number:08061174222

Kalia Scheme Helpline Number

Helpline Number :toll free number 1800-572-1122

+91-8456099688[whatsapp] send “Start”

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