Kerala Children Sponsorship Scheme 2023:Registration, Eligibility, Benefits, Key Features

Kerala Children Sponsorship scheme|കേരള ചിൽഡ്രൻ സ്പോൺസർഷിപ്പ് സ്കീം 2023|Registration, Eligibility, Benefits, Key Features check out the official website for more details

The government of Kerala has launched a scheme for the protection of children. The Children are the most precious creatures on earth children are full of energy, joy, and enthusiasm. Childhood and growing is the most crucial part of a child’s life. They are most creative during childhood.

Kerala Children Sponsorship scheme will help children who are at risk of being removed from school and send for work the scheme will provide supplementary support to the families to meet the medical, nutritional, educational, and basic needs of the child’s. and to improve the quality of life. this scheme will help children continue their education and school.

SchemeKerala Children Sponsorship scheme
Scheme UnderState Government
BenefitsSupport in medical, nutritional, educational needs of Children
ObjectiveReduce the Risk of being removed from school
TypeThis scheme is of 2 types
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Kerala Children Sponsorship Scheme

The Kerala Sponsorship is of two type

1.Rehabilitative sponsership:

Rehabilitative Children put into Institutions by families as a destitution adapting measure to rejoin them with their families.

2.Preventive Sponsorship:

Preventive Support to families living in outrageous states of hardship or misuse to empower the kid to remain their family.

Eligibility Criteria for Kerala Children Sponsorship scheme

1.Children should be from 0 to 18 years old

2.Total income of family should exceed

i.36000/- per annum for families living in metro cities.

ii.30000/- per annum for families living in other cities.

iii.24000/- per annum for familes living in Rural cities.

How to Apply for Rehabilitative Sponsorship?

The children who are under the protection and care of any child Care Institution and eligible for Rehabilitative sponsorship:-

1.Role of child care institution: The child care institute will prepare the Individual care plan after visiting the home and will take a detailed interview of guardians/Parents and also Recommend child for sponsorship program on the basis of ICP within one Month of admission of Kid.

2.A protection Officer may be recommended by the Superintendent of the Child care Institute. The protection Officer of the DCPU will ensure the restoration kids family sponsorship supports

3.The protection Officer (IC) will create a Home study Report of the Family. Home study Report will be recommended to protection officer (NIC)

4.The Protection Officer (NIC) will finalize the Recommendation for Sponsorship by Protection Officer (IC) and call for the meeting of SFCAC with all the necessary documents

Priorties of Kerala Children Sponsorship scheme

1.Children of a single mother

2.Widow Children of leprosy patient

3.HIV infected parent Children whose parents

4.Bread earner is in a jail.

Procedure for Preventive Sponsorship

The identification of vulnerable families will be done by District Child Protection Officer along with help of Social workers, Outreach workers, volunteers, and the village child Protection Committee.

The protection Officer (NIC) will Conduct the home study and prepare an individual Care Plan of the vulnerable child idenified.

The Protection Officer (NIC) will examine the Documents and finalize the list of children who are eligible for Sponsorship and Present the case to the SFCAC meeting. After that SFCAC will decide on children for sponsership.

Benefits of Kerala Children Sponsorship scheme

  1. Sponsorship will be Rs. 2,000/- per month per child.
  2. The DCPO will open a Bank or Post Office Account in the name of the child and it will under the control of Guardian ,Mother
  3. There will be no cash transfer.  The money will be directly transferred from the DCPUs Bank Account to the Bank / Post Office.
  4. The duration of the sponsorship support shall be decided on a case to case basis by the SFCAC and shall not exceed 3 years except under exceptional circumstances.
  5. The Sponsorship only for maximum two children per family
  6. The Supervision of children and families will done by the DCPO and official will visit the House and school of Beneficiary.
  7. All sponsored children of school will have to go to school daily,untill and unless exception case illness or any other cause.
  8. if in any case the student is removed from instituation,sponsorship will be stopped
  9. The sponsorship assistance will be suspended immediately if the school going child is not found to be regularly attend the school.


Directorate of Women & Child Development
Poojappura P.O., Thiruvananthapuram,
Kerala Pin: 695012

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