SBI Insurance :  What is SBI General Insurance? Check Policies, Plans, Benefits and Process

SBI Insurance : If you are searching about the details of the SBI General Insurance or you are interested to start your investment in some good and beneficial insurance which can serve you in better way for your future then you are landed on a right platform. Here you are going to know a lot about this. It is essential to know all the aspects of any policy before making any investment.

SBI general insurance is a joint venture general insurance company. SBI is the largest state-owned banking and financial services company in India. The State Bank of India (SBI) owns the 70% of the total capital. The some other investors are :- Warburg Pincus, Axis Bank Asset Management Co. Ltd and Premji Invest.

 The company provides a complete suite of products regarding Motor, Health, Personal Accident, Travel and Home Insurance in the retail space as well as the products like Fire, Marine, Aviation, Package, Construction and Engineering and Liability Insurance. The Headquarters of the company established in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

What are the Key Features of SBI General Insurance?

Some important Key Features of SBI General Insurance are mentioned below:-

1. There are Family Health Insurance plans offered by SBI General Insurance provides coverage for the entire family under a single sum insured.

2. Also the company provides the wide variety of health insurance policies that fulfills the different requirements of the individual, family, senior citizens, children and parents.

3. Add-on covers are also available under several health insurance plans.

4. There is cashless treatment in more than 6,000 network hospitals.

5. Free health check-ups are offered by the insurance company.

6. Easy to renew the health insurance.

7. The insurer offers insured options starting at Rs. 50,000.

8. The premium paid for health insurance policies is eligible for tax deduction under section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961.

The types of Health Insurance Policies under SBI General Insurance Policy

  • SBI Retail Health Insurance Policy
  • SBI Loan Insurance Policy
  • SBI Group Health Insurance Policy
  • SBI  Critical Illness Insurance Policy
  • SBI Hospital Daily Cash Insurance Policy
  • SBI Arogya Top up Policy
  • SBI Arogya Plus Policy
  • SBI Arogya Premier Policy

Process to buy SBI Health Insurance Plans

If you are interested to buy a SBI Health Insurance Policy then here is some process provided for you:-

On a phone call

  1. You can simply call the Policy bazaar’s Sales helpline.
  2. You can also talk to the customer service representative regarding your insurance.
  3. If you have finished the sharing of details, then they will share quotes with you over the email.
  4. You can select the policy of your choice and make the payment.

Online mode

  1. Visit on the official website of the Policybazaar’s and select SBI health Insurance.
  2. Mention your name, mobile number and email id on the website.
  3. The tab of ‘Buy Now’ helps to buy easily the SBI insurance plans.
  4. After entering the details you can also compare different plans on their site.
  5. You can also request a call for more clarity.
  6. You can also renew your plans online.

Offline mode

There are also SBI Insurance company’s branches where you can reach or get in touch with an agent to buy any policy.

How to File a Claim under SBI Health Insurance Policy?

 For claiming process under the Health Insurance Policy you can contact the toll-free number of SBI Health to register your claim. With a duly-filled claim form submit all the original medical documents to the insurer. SBI Health will settle the claim under 30 days of receipt of the relevant documents. The health insurance claim is approved or not is carried out by the insurer according to the terms and conditions of the policy.