Top Secrets to Clear SSB Constable Examination

SSB Constable examination is conducted to recruit candidates for various posts including, Washerman, Tailor, Drivers, etc. Due to the handsome pay and perks of SSB constable jobs, millions of aspirants appear for SSB Constable Examination. From these millions of aspirants, only a few thousands attain their dream of joining a government job in SSB.

Due to this stiff competition coupled with the increasing desire of students in India to join the government sector, getting a government job isn’t that easy. So, in this article, we will share some of the greatest secrets of the toppers who have aced in SSB Constable with their robust preparation strategy. If you follow these tips earnestly, your chances of selection will be very high.

How to prepare for SSB Constable to get selected in the first attempt?

  • Be Active: Since the SSB Constable Selection Process involves a physical test, you need to be in the best of your shape to clear it. You don’t need to be an Einstein in studies to clear the SSB Constable Examination. All you need is an average performance in all the sections, including physical and written examinations. Running is one of the most difficult parts of the physical examination of SSB Constable so try to run daily until you achieve the desired results.
  • Focus on Basics of Everything: As far as the syllabus of the SSB Constable Examination is concerned, it is very limited. Moreover, the level of examination is pretty easy. Since the level of examination is easy, it becomes more important to attempt more questions in the examination with an accuracy of more than 90-95%. To attain this level of accuracy, you will have to practice a lot. The clear formula to ace this examination goes through the roads of extensive practice through mocks and quizzes.
  • Revise topics with maximum weightage in GK: Since the syllabus of SSB Constable GK is a bit vast as compared to other subjects, you should focus on topics with maximum weightage. It is better to study important and scoring topics in depth than studying everything on a superficial level. In the General Awareness Section, try to focus more on Static Topics and Current Affairs. Don’t forget to revise GK topics on a regular basis.
  • Focus on Your Accuracy: In the SSB Constable examination, your final selection is highly dependent on your accuracy. In sections like Maths, and Reasoning, you should aim to at least attain an accuracy of 95%. Whereas you should avoid guesswork in General Awareness sections as there will be a penalty for each wrong answer. In this competitive domain of government jobs, every single mark matters. Hence, the better will be your accuracy, the higher will be your chances of selection.
  • Give more and more Mock Tests: To increase your chances of clearing the SSB Constable Examination, you will have to give maximum mock tests. Mocks Tests are a crucial part of the preparation, be it any examination. Mock Tests keep your studies on track and also help you to analyze your weak and strong points. So, try to give at least 2-3 mock tests weekly. Also, make a list of weak topics according to your mock test analysis and study those topics in more depth to score better in the examination.
  • Try to Score Maximum in Maths and Reasoning Sections: The GK section of the SSB Constable Examination is quite unpredictable. It requires a lot of effort to score well in GK due to the vast syllabus of GK. On the other hand, sections like Quant and Reasoning are highly scoring subjects with a very limited syllabus. Even acquiring higher accuracy in Reasoning and Maths is very much achievable. So, you should aim to make these subjects your strong point.

Your desire of getting selected as an SSB Constable can be demonstrated in reality, given you study with utmost dedication and follow these simple preparation tips. Be honest with your studies, and success will follow.