The Best Age for Learning Concepts:

The process of learning like reading, writing, and doing Math in Kids starts at an early age. Children usually start learning at the early age of 4 to 6 and start to solve questions normally at th age of 8. The age calculator can be handy for parents to learn about age and parallel mental abilities. It is always a miles stone for kids to do the first multiplication or the division question. It means the children have reached in perfect mental age to learn the difficult questions of Maths

Just calculate age by the age in months calculator and precisely measure the age of the kid and how much pressure you can exert as a teacher. It is important to note that various children may reach this miles stone at various times in their life. Some kids may be developed mental capability at an early age as compared to others. The age of various kids is different due to their heredity, so it is essential to take care of their learning skills. There are various stages that come in the kid’s life, where they are going to learn the special skill of reading, writing, calculation etc.

In this article, we are discussing the various age groups of children and their usual mental capabilities.

Pre-Reading Skills:

At this time of age kids usually learn the substituting the word in the Rhyming  

pattern and start some letters of the alphabet. This is the time to calculate the age of the kid, as they are around the age of 2 or 3. Use the age calculator to find precisely their age and compare it with their mental capability. If you wonder how to calculate your age and the age of your kids, you just need to enter the date of birth in the calculator.

The Reading Age:

The reading age of the kids is usually after the age of 5 and they are able to read simple text at the age of  6 to 7 years. At this age, they are in the first grade, and they are in the best position to teach the skills of reading by themselves. They can learn around 100 words from various books and learn to write them. The age calculator can be handy to find the real age of the kids and their learning stuff.

Enjoy Various Stories:

At the age of 11 to 13 children actually enjoy reading various storybooks, and it is the time to teach them various difficult words. Children usually define their habits and hobbies in this age, in this age they can understand what they are reading. Us the age calculator to find their age and learning abilities. Kids love to read fiction books and stories, including chapter books and nonfiction, including magazines and newspapers. Their thought process develops and they are in the perfect position to learn fastly.

The Writing Miles Stones:

The writing miles stone when kids start to recognize various symbols and pictures. They start to learn how to write and it is actually various shapes that we call them writing. The writing miles stone usually starts at the age of 5 and kids are going to improve by growing age. The age calculator helps to figure out the precise age of the kids best for learning writing skills. Writing skills cna be improved with the help of reading skills. When a kid read a lot, he can develop better skills in writing.

Calculation Skills:

The calculation skills usually differ in various kids, some kids are better at measurements than writing and reading. Math calculation skills usually start from the age of 5 to 6, at this age kids learn counting skills. All the other math skills actually built on their counting skills. So it is best to take care of the counting skills of the kids, and use the age calculator to find how much pressure you can exert on your kid. The kids usually take pressure and burden of the measurements usually at the age of 7 to 8. But it also depends upon the natural aptitude of the kid and sometimes they are genetically inherited.


The age calculator is a good source to find the aptitude of the kids parallel to their age. Kids have various aptitudes and they usually start to learn simple rhymes at the tender age of 2 to 3. The learning age of the kids has various stages, which we have defined in this article.