[TOP10] Best Free Fire Players 2022 in India

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Garena Free Fire is the most popular game in India. And Continuously gaining popularity after the ban of PUBG in India due to security reasons. Free fire is one of the Most watched streams in the Gaming Sector after the Music. Total Gaming, A FreeFire Streamer who has Approx. a 23million subscribers and is one of the most subscribed channels in the Gaming Industry in india. It is the main Contributor of Esports IndusrtyGareana has Pumped million of Rupees Indian Gaming Industry.

Now, Esports is booming in India, Some player has Outstanding tactical,flanking, and Aim. in this article we will discuss top 10 Best Free Fire Players in India

List Of Top 10 Best Player In India with Character ID

1:TSG Jash

Best free fire Players
NameTSG Jash
Free Fire Id123643969
Ranking(World)Top 3%
AboutTSG Jash Is know for his outstanding and unmatchable skill and he is the one of the best player unknown in Free fire till now.TSG under Jash has won many title this year and counting.His tactical knowledge is great and his aim and flanking is unbeatable.He has Almost 5 million Subscribers on youtube and Really Popular in Free Fire Gaming/Esports industry


TeamBoss Guild
Free Fire Id47282554
Ranking(World)Top 7%
AboutRakesh00007 is a member of Boss Guild.he know for tactical and Game sense,He can seen playing Squad games mostly and he has K/D kill to death Ratio of approx :7 .He has almost 8 million Subscriber on youtube

3.Sk Sabir

NameS.K Sabir
TeamBoss Guild
Free Fire Id55479535
Ranking(World)Top 5%
AboutS.k sabir is known for his point aim shooting i.e even if he sees a pixel of Enemy ,he instantly knocks them down.He has K/D of 9.He also has Youtube channel with About 141Million View


TeamBoss Guild
Free Fire Id497887030
AboutJigs is The leader of Boss Guild and Boss Guild is one of the Biggest Clan Till the date.Jigs is known for Game Knowledge and Leadership qualities.His Close-Combat fight is considered as the Best in India.

5.Sudip Sarkar

NameSudip Sarkar
TeamFinal *Strike
Free Fire Id97653930
Ranking(World)Top 3%
AboutSudip Sarkar is the well known Streamer and Youtuber with around 900k Subscribers and Famous in India For his Close -range fight and Tactical Knowledge

6.Total Gaming aka Ajju Bhai

NameAjju Bhai
TeamArrow clan
Free Fire Id451012596
AboutAjay aka Ajju bhai also known as Total gaming.HE has almost 23 million subscriber on Youtube.Ajju bhai is know for his fast and Accurate movement.

7.GyanSujan aka Gyan Gaming

Free Fire Id70393167.
Ranking(World)Top 11%
AboutGyanSujan Also Goes with the name Guyan Gaming is known for his Snipping Skills with Snipers And Dmrs.He is massivly popular on Youtube with 5million Subscriber


Free Fire Id12022250
Ranking(World)Top 12%
AboutRaistar is known as the Aim God of Free free becasue of his unbeatable Aim And Flanking and Skill set that he has.He youtube Channel With Around 3milion Subscribers .


TeamTwo-Side Gamers clan
Free Fire Id124975352
Ranking(World)Top 6%
AboutRitik is member of 2-Side Gamers clan And has Youtube channel with Around 5million Subscribers.He is the Brother of TSG Jash.He is also know for his game skills.

10.Naveem Alam

NameNaveem Alam
TeamWTF[What the Faq]
Free Fire Id206923045
Ranking(World)Top 12%
AboutNaveem Alam is Free Fire Competitive,Stream from Bangladesh has About 8Lakhs Subscriber on YouTube.He is know as MP40 King because of His skill with the gun,he becomes beast after getting MP40 Gun.

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