How to Write a Well-designed and Attractive Resume – 10 Steps

Nowadays, competition in the job market has increased, and it is challenging for job hunters to fulfill the market demands. The resume always creates the first impression about your identity on the employer. Well designed and well-organized resume makes a positive impact on the hiring managers.

There are various resumes on the employer’s desk, but they choose the most professional one. Therefore, to get shortlisted among the applicants, you need to build a well-designed and robust resume that can catch the employer’s attention at first glance.

 Let us explore some crucial steps to make your resume more attractive and well-designed.

10 Steps to Write an Attractive Resume:

Here are some essential steps to follow to write a well-designed and attractive resume.

  1. Brainstorming and Planning:

Planning and mind-mapping the elements of a resume are the first steps to consider while writing the resume. Create a list of your credentials, educational achievements, and certifications. Brainstorm about the objectives you want to achieve by being in your current job. Avoid using fake information in the greed of a job, as it will ruin your entire self-image.

  1. Choose an Appropriate resume format:

Before writing the resume, you should be aware of the nature of different formats and how these are suitable to your skill sets. If you have a considerable work history, you should use the chronological format designed for career progression with no employment gaps. If you are a fresh graduate, then a functional format is the best suit for your resume. If you have mid-level work experience, you should use a chronological format. Before building a resume, make sure that the appropriate format is used.

  1. Choose Professional Fonts:

Choosing the professional font is the most intriguing part of an attractive and appealing resume. The fonts should not be more fancy and colorful as it decreases the professional look of the resume. Your resume should be clear and readable. So, for fulfilling this formality, you need to choose basic fonts such as Arial and Time New Roman. More styling to your format can steer away from the attractiveness of the resume. Therefore, always choose professional fonts to get an immediate positive impression on the employer.

  1. Choose Relevant Template:

To design the most attractive resume, choose the most appealing template relevant to your field. A writer may bear more weight by designing a template for a resume from basics. Free resume templates are available online to help writers create a resume. You can choose the college-style template if you are at high school or college. If you are creating a resume in the field of arts, then you should choose a more info-graphic template. These best resume templates can make your resume unique and stand out from other applicants.

  1. Arrangement of Information:

A resume following proper sequence and arrangement can give a more organized and appealing look. Arrange the data so that the latest work experience should come at the top and others should follow in the sequence. Similarly, you should write the latest educational information and most previous at the bottom. Moreover, arrange the skills and certifications in the most organized manner.

  1. Use Trending Designs:

Whenever you are writing a resume, always search for trending resume designs. As most job seekers have less time to search for top designs, they can get unique designs using resume maker online. Free resume builder of is an online approach with the most attractive and top resume designs that can make your resume more distinctive and professional. 

  1. Focus on Contact Information Visually:

As your contact information shows your identity, it is necessary to make it prominent in the resume design. Give visual effects to your personal information that should be highlighted and grab the employer’s attention. Add links to your social network, email address, and portfolio using icons; to direct the recruiter’s attention to your contact details, use white space. This visual information can help your resume to present your creative abilities.

  1. Add Catchy Infographics:

The infographics are essential to creating an appealing resume. The graphic icons can be used to highlight each section. Use graphic lines, basic shapes, and contrasting colors to create a well-designed and attractive resume. You can use different shapes to present your work details. Online resume builder contains info-graphic templates that can save your time and effort.

  1. Focus on Layout:

The layout is an essential feature in the resume that can differentiate applicants; choose an appropriate layout keeping the job industry in your mind. A precise and straightforward layout can make your resume more professional. So, make a wise decision while choosing the suitable layout for the resume

  1. Proofread Resume:

After writing the resume, it is necessary to proofread the resume to fix grammar and spelling errors. Many creators commit minor mistakes and errors while working in a hurry. Skim your resume by assuming yourself as a hiring manager and analyzing the significant mistakes in your resume. If you feel any non-professional element in your resume, get rid of it immediately. 


As the job market demands have been increasing, employee skills are also moving towards perfection. To fulfill the demands of today’s job market, you should build a presentable resume that can impress your employer. Therefore, to create a professional-looking resume, you need to follow the above-mentioned steps to make your resume well-designed and distinctive. By using defined online resume builder tools, you can make your task effortless and time-friendly.