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Uttar Pradesh citizens apply to receive the Ration Card of Uttar Pradesh. There were plenty of problems for people verifying the application status. With this in mind, the government of Uttar Pradesh published the UP Ration Card List online. Today, via this article, we will provide you with all the essential details about the UP Ration Card. Such as the intent, features, eligibility, advantages, essential documents, the application process, etc, of the UP Ration Card List.

The UP Ration Card List is published annually online by the Uttar Pradesh Food and Supply Department. In this list, new names are updated annually. This year, the Department of Food and Supply has also published the Uttar Pradesh Ration Card List online. Those who request a UP Ration Card can access the official site for their names in the UP Ration Card List. Foods including wheat, rice, sugar, kerosene, etc are issued at concessional rates to all those whose names are to be included in the UP Ration Card List.

Now, citizens of Uttar Pradesh are not required to come and find their names in the list of ration cards. He just has to go to the official website and can see his name on the list from there. This method saves money and resources and also creates system accountability.

APL, BPL List (APL/BPL List) UP Ration Card

In the APL, BPL, AAY (Atyodaya) list, all families are listed by state. According to the categories APL and BPL, the ration cards are made in accordance with the economic status and wages. The beneficiaries can download the UP ration card list according to district-specific block and panchayat in accordance with the new ration card list issued by the Uttar Pradesh Department of Food and Logistics. The beneficiaries whose names are on the list will be able to get from their respective food distributors all food products specified by the government monthly.

Those in Uttar Pradesh who submitted their ration card application for APL and the BPL in 2020 will receive the APL, BPL, list from this official website at the UP Food and Supply Department https://fcs.up.gov.in/ .In the UP Ration Card List 2022, you can search for your name. Those people in the state who do not yet have their names on the Ration Card/block/panchayat-speaking list can apply for the BPL Ration Card, those below the poverty line and those above the poverty line, APL The ration card can be submitted online.

Details of UP Ration Card

The UP Ration Card is divided by the State government into three groups

  1. APL Ration Card(Above Poverty line)
  2. BPL Ration Card(below Poverty line)
  3. AAY Ration Card

These three ration cards below are the complete information about those three types of Ration Card:

  • The BPL ration card was given to families below the poverty line of the state. BPL families do not have more than 10,000 annual income. The citizens of the state can buy up to 25 kg of grain in the ration shop with this ration card at a cheaper rate.
  • For those state families living above the poverty line, an APL Ration Card was issued. Via these APL rations, the state government provides these families with APL rations, and state citizens can receive up to 15 kg of grains per month from a subsidized ration shop at subsidized rates.
  • For families who are very poor and have no money, the AAY Ration Card was given. Based on the income of the citizens, ration cards will be issued. This ration card allows the family to purchase up to 35 kg of grain from the ration shop each month at a lower cost.

Advantages of UP Ration Card

  1. State citizens can apply for the Driving Licence by ration card.
  2. Even your identification could be used for ration cards.
  3. The poor in the state can thus get food products sent by the government at concessional rates such as wheat, rice, sugar, kerosene, etc.
  4. The Uttar Pradesh Ration Card can also be used for school admission.
  5. The three ration cards are produced in accordance with people’s economic status and wages.
  6. The card status can be seen from home (online) in the latest ration card list of people who have applied for the UP Ration Card.
  7. In government jobs, BPL cardholders are exempted and family kids also obtain scholarships at colleges.

Ration Price under the UP Ration card scheme

  1. Wheat- Rs.2 per kg
  2. Rice- Rs.3 per kg
  3. Sugar- Rs.13.50 per kg

Eligibility criteria for UP ration card 2022

1.Applicant Must Be Permanent citizen Of Uttar Pradesh
2. should be 18 years old or more
3. Aadhar Card
4.Pan Card
5.Passport Size Photograph
6.Bank Passbook
7.Caste Certificate
8.Income Certificate
9.Old Electricity Bill
10.Gas Connection

Documents necessary for the ration card amendment.

If your ration card is inaccurate, for instance, the name is incorrectly pronounced or the address is incorrect, or the spelling of the name is wrong, etc. In order to be able to modify your ration card, you would have to complete the following papers.

  • Application form Departmental form serial number ‘B’
  • if you want to add someone’s name to the ration card aadhar card is required
  • Address proof
  • Birth or death certificate
  • if you want correction in ration card you have to provide government documents in support of your claim

How to Apply for a new ration card.

  • You first need to visit the official website of Uttar Pradesh’s Department of Food and Logistics.
  • Now the page in front of you will open.
  • You have to click on the download form link on the homepage.
  • You have to click on the application form link below.
  • You are now going to be able to download the form in your category, a new page will open.
  • The important information requested in this form must now be filled in.
  • All important documents will then be attached.
  • This form must now be submitted to the department concerned.

How to check the name in the UP ration Card list?

Step1:If you want to find your family name in APL and BPL, then you can verify eligibility by the method given below.

Step1:Go to the Food Department’s official website first of FCS ( https://fcs.up.gov.in/FoodPortal.aspx ).

How to check the name in the UP ration Card list?

Step1:Click on the NFSA option on the official website’s homepage and then click on (राशन कार्ड की पात्रता सूची) NFSA Beneficiary List.

Step2:After clicking, a new computer screen will show the district-wise list UP Ration Card 2022.

Step3:You will need to click on your district’s choice after opening the District-Wise list according to the District of the region.

Step4:After you click on the district you have chosen, the new list information opens.

Step5:The Uttar Pradesh Ration Card NFSA eligibility list according to urban and rural areas must therefore be clicked on.

Step6:The list of names of the customers giving the rations will then appear after choosing the urban and rural list, after which you must pick the customer who provides your ration.

Step7:The list of candidates registered in that shop after the Kotedar name (supplier) has been chosen.

Step8:Afterward, in the UP Ration Card List 2022, you have to find your name.

Step9:When you’ve received your name, you’re asked to click on the name choice of the nominee.

Step10:If you want to see all the names of your family, then you have to look at the names of all your family members.

Step11:Through the UP Ration Card List 2022 can be found their name for all desired beneficiaries.

How to file complaints and Check the status of the UP ration card?

  1. Go to the official website of UP Ration Card https://fcs.up.gov.in/

up ration card registration eligibility

  1. On the homepage, on the right side, you can see a tab called ऑनलाइन शिकायत करें
  2. Now a new window will be opened on the screen.
  3. Now click  शिकायत दर्ज करें  if want to file complain
  4.  If you want to check the status of complaint click on शिकायत की वर्तमान स्थिति देखें
  5. Now on the new window enter the required details

up ration card registration eligibility

  1. Click on submit button

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